1. Day  
  Fish (Baked in Salt)
  Stuffed Calamari
  Seasonal Salad
  Boiled Beetroot (dressing with lemon and olive oil)
  Octopus Salad
  Samphire Salad
2. Day  
Rosto Topkapı (Chicken) Beef Stronof
Rice  Cous Cous with vegies
Pured Celeriac Artichoke with olive oil dressing
Tarator (Carrot with Yoghurt Dressing) Stuffed pepper with rice and mince 
Black-Eyed Peas Chef's salad
Chef's Salad Haydari ( Yoghurt with mint)
Seasonal fruit Kazan Dibi (Traditional Turkish Dessert)
3. Day  
Grilled Fish Tandır (Grilled Lamp)
Grilled Calamari Rice with eggplant
Green Salad Stuffed Mushrooms
Fava (Village Style Pured Broad Beans) Seasonal Salad
Cheese Russian Salad
Okyanus lokumu (crab) Baked Zucchini
Seasonal Fruit Traditional Turkish Dessert
4. Day  
Chicken with Spicy Sauce Steamed Fish
Rice with popcorn Pastry with cheese
Zuchini patty with yoghurt Octopus Salad
Fried Eggplant Eggplant salad
Purslane with Yoghurt Dressing Mushrom Salad
Shepher's Salad Chef's Salad
Fruit Sufle
5. Day  
Karnı yarık (Baked Eggplant stuffed with mince) Meatballs (with special sauce)
Bulgur Spaghetti (with mushrooms)
Purslane with yoghurt Gypsy Salad
Tomato Salad Russian Salad
Hummus Köpoğlu(fried eggplant with yoghurt)
Pured Spinach Tarator (Carrot with yoghurt dressing)
Fruit Cream Caramel
6. Day  
Fish Grilled Chicken
Mixed Salad Rice with Eggplant
Prawn coctails Seasonal Salad
Italian Salad Baked Potato
Black-eyed Peas Haydari ( Yoghurt with mint)
Eggplant Salad Steamed veggies with olive oil dressing
Fruit Cheese cake
7. Day  
Dalyan Köfte ( Meatballs with special sauce) Mixed Grill
Pastry with veggies Stuffed Rice 
Stuffed leaves with rice Mixed Salad
Cacık (Cucumber with Yoghurt) Celeric Salad (dressing with yoghurt)
Fried Vegetables with Yoghurt Hot spicy tomato dip
Seasonal Salad Cauliflower dressing with olive oil
Fruit Fried Ice Cream